Have a complaint?

The Curry County Board of REALTORS® belongs to a Regional Professional Standards Committee.  Since our area of Curry County is so small we have joined with Douglas County, Coos County, Florence, and Cottage Grove to ensure that all complaints are looked at by an impartial party so that fair decisions are made.
If you are a member of the Board and would like to file a Professional Standards complaint, please contact Stephanie Billick, our Regional Professional Standards Administrator at 541-672-0563. She would be happy to answer any questions and get you started on the process.  She can also be reached via email at dcrealtors@live.com.
If you are member of the public and would like file a complaint please contact the Curry County Board of REALTORS® at 541-469-0219 and we will begin the process. The Board can also be reached at ccbr@ccbroregon.com